Custom order Pocoyo 2nd birthday outfit

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My daughter will be turning 2 on the 15th of May and we need another one of your wonderful outfits ❤...
If you can put the 2 characters from the first photo on the front and the ones from the second photo on the back.
I would like the onsie to be black if possible.
If you could make the main color of the tutu be blue and if you can do like all the colors from the name pocoyo also in the tutu.
I would like her name "Azaria" on the front like the letters in the name pocoyo.
And the #2 also in the front
And the underwear with her name and the #2
Size 24mo/2t

Azaria in pocoyo blocks                                  

date needed before the 15th of May

top and tutu in multicolor rainbow ribbon trim  79.95

extra design on back                                      15.00

add train to tutu                                             10.00

bloomers to match                                          19.95

Priority Mail Shipping                                         9.00

sub total                                                         $133.90

discount 20%                                                     -27.00


total                                                              $106.90



Custom order Pocoyo 2nd birthday outfit

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