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About Us Little Keiki BouTiki


This shop was established in 2012, I started out very small, mostly making outfits for friends and neighbors. The first outfit I had the opportunity to make was my first granddaughter’s 2nd birthday outfit, it was extremely cute, and it received a high level of attention. It seemed that everyone that saw the outfit wanted one made for their birthday girl. This motivated me to move forward with designing and producing these beautiful 1st birthday outfits (2nd and 3rd birthday outfits too!) and with that, LittleKeikiBouTiki was created.

At our humble beginnings, I had a single needle embroidery machine which was frustrating and slow, I believed in the LittleKeikiBouTiki wholeheartedly to the point where I quit my job and invested all my money in a 10 needle embroidery machine that made me scale up fast, I continued sewing for my beautiful granddaughters, and all the designs I’ve made for them are still available for purchase in my shop.

My granddaughters have been my biggest inspiration and motivators, I loved hand-making every last stunning ribbon trimmed outfit for them and spreading that love to over 6000 children and counting has been a blessing.


At LittleKeikiBouTiki, our primary goal is to create beautiful 1st birthday outfits that enable children to have the best birthday outfits possible, creating lifelong memories for them and their parents. Our outfits are all designed and created in house, by me and made with an abundance of love and care, so for those who appreciate quality materials and cute designs, LittleKeikiBouTiki is the place to find the perfect 1st birthday outfit for your little one. Yes, 2nd and 3rd birthdays too!


LittleKeikiBouTiki offers a wide array of custom-made birthday outfits and special occasion outfits. So, whether you are looking for a beautiful ribbon trimmed 1st birthday outfit for your little girl, a super cute 1st birthday outfit for your little boy or even personalized t-shirts and holiday outfits and much more, we have it all for you!


We have tried to design the website to make the process of selecting and purchasing the perfect 1st birthday outfit as effortless as possible. You can request custom work at the click of a button, making changes to our existing designs or having a whole new design created. We are here to work with you. Our service goes beyond the ordinary.


You can contact us via the chat button on the web pages or email us using the “contact us” page. I will respond within a couple hours in most cases. You can also find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LittleKeikiTiki/ and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/tutus_by_tiki/


Thank you for visiting our shop, I am looking forward to creating the most perfect 1st birthday outfit ever just for your little one! Yes, 2nd and 3rd birthday outfits too.




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