Welcome-Welina*, We welcome you to our BouTiki- take a look! You will find our best custom outfits and you can also design a custom outfit to suit your needs.

Here are answers to some popular questions.

if your question is not answered here please contact us at cs@littlekeikiboutiki.com



 * Welina is an affectionate welcome, it is used here to welcome you to our ohana

I have been making and selling these outfits for over 10 years. I started selling on Etsy in 2012. I made the decision to go with a stand alone website to help keep costs down and offer better service to my customers. 

I accept both PayPal and credit cards through PayPal by Braintree so your payments are secure and have the backing of PayPal customer satisfaction and resolution. 

I also accept buy now pay later through both PayPal and Affirm. These are both interest free payment plans.   



1. How do I place an order?  Placing an order is easy, if your date needed is at least 4 weeks away simply select the outfit you would like to order then select the size and any add ons from the menus on the listing. If you need an outfit sooner than 4 weeks just request a custom order and I will work with you to get an order completed in a reasonable time frame. It is best to order as early as possible.

Please put the following info in the indicated space as you complete your order.

A. Your baby's name as you want it to appear on the outfit. Names are copied exactly as they appear in the notes so don't use all caps.  Remember the longer the name the smaller the font will need to be.

B. Put in the " date needed by" making certain this date is at least 4 weeks away. If you need an earlier delivery date select to request a rush order. Once I receive your rush order request I will determine if my schedule will allow the requested delivery date. You will need to pay a rush order fee to cover expedited shipping costs.

C. Put in your baby's approximate weight for sizing. The bodysuits and t shirts used to make these outfits have a range of sizes and the outfit will fit best if I have weight to go by. Estimates are ok and if you feel your child is taller, bigger, heavier, smaller , thinner lighter than average let me know. You can also upload a photo as that can help.

D. CUSTOMIZING AN OUTFIT - Put any special instructions or changes in the note to selller.  Some simple changes like color or font changes will not require an additional cost other more complex changes and additions may have additional costs. Consult with me before placing an order with custom changes. Please make sure to put all changes and custom requests in the notes. I work strictly from the order page and can not remember requests received in messages, nor can I go back and search messages for info on changes to an order. Please be very specific about what you want so that I can make the order the way you would like.Double check your order to make sure it is clear about what you want to order. I am not responsible for changes not listed in the notes. No exceptions!

Please be aware that, when custom changes are requested, the fabric, prints and/or patterns, ribbon, and embellishments on your outfit may vary from those used in the original listing. (Ex. Listing shows a shirt with a pink polka dot number and you request a change to make the number purple I will try to do a purple polka dot number but if this is not possible, you may receive a purple number with a different pattern) I will try to keep them similar, but that's not always possible. If you want a certain pattern used, you MUST specify that in the "Notes to Seller" box during checkout. If you do not specify that you want a specific pattern and decide that you are unhappy with the pattern I use, there will be no refunds/remakes/exchanges.

Ask as many questions as you need to so that you are comfortable with the order. I know it is difficult to order something you can't touch or actually see before you purchase. Please understand that I am totally committed to making a quality beautiful outfit for your little one, I know how special they are to you and I will work to make certain they are dressed to perfection.

2. I need a Rush Order! Okay, I understand that sometimes things happen you don't have 4 weeks to the event. If this is the case ask if a rush date is available. Sometimes I have openings in my schedule or I have the availability to work late (if my family allows it! :-) ) Any delivery date less than 4 weeks from the order date must be accepted by me once the order is placed. I will do my best to fit you in my schedule. Any delivery date that is less than 4 weeks from the order date will require a Custom Rush Order and a rush fee will apply.
3. CAN I MOVE MY DELIVERY DATE UP AFTER I PLACE MY ORDER because my party date has changed or my photographer wants to schedule pictures or for any other reason?" Probably not, you can ask but most likely my schedule is full and it is not possible to move the order up. My schedule is booked up to 6 weeks in advance and fills up rapidly so don't be upset if I have to say no. Make certain of your dates before you order. Orders can not be cancelled once placed as they go into production immediately and any other potential buyers for that time slot are turned away. 

4. If you have any questions or concerns regarding placing an order, please contact me using the contact form.

5. Can I make changes to the colors on the outfit? Yes, color changes are possible, check with me to make sure the colors you want are available. We are limited to the colors my suppliers offer and because computer monitors and cell phones display colors differently please check with me on the colors choices.

6. Can I make changes to the designs? Yes, I can make changes to the design and to the fonts used. Please ask about design changes, simple changes are free of charge, more complex ones may have a fee.

7. Can you make a design that is not in your shop? Yes, I do custom work subject to availability of the designs and copyrights. There may be a digitizing fee involved if the design is not available. I love doing custom work and will be happy to create a beautiful outfit for your little sweetie.

8. Can you make an outfit EXACTLY like this (picture) Probably not, while stock designs and general themes can be duplicated, I can not copy the work of another shop. My tutus are made in a certain way with certain tulle and ribbon to achieve the fullness and fluffy appearance portrayed in my shop. Any changes to the materials used will change the look of the tutu. So while I can make a beautiful outfit for your sweetie it will look like the outfits in my shop not the outfits others make.

9. Will the outfit I receive be an exact copy of the picture in the store? No, each outfit is hand made by me so there will be slight differences in placement of the design and sometimes designs are refined and improved so there will be differences but the differences will be for the better. Keep in mind these are handcrafted outfits so each will be a little different.

10. Will the fabrics and ribbons be exactly the same as in the picture? Maybe yes and maybe no. I use the fabrics that are available at the time I make the outfit and sometimes fabrics are discontinued or the dye lot is changed, so there may be a difference in the fabric but the colors and style will be the similar. If you feel you must have the exact fabrics/ribbons or embellishments in the picture please contact me before you place the order so we can determine if any or all the elements are available.The elements of my designs, including but not limited to onesies, t shirts, fabrics, fonts, patterns, colors, ribbons, beads, rhinestones, trims, etc., are subject to availability and may be substituted when necessary and without notice. Substitutions will always be as similar as possible to the item pictured. Little Keiki Bou-Tiki reserves the right to substitute materials as needed.

11. Do I have to have the bows on the front of the outfit? No, if you don't want the bows just let me know and I will leave them off. The bows are attached using a special fabric adhesive. This avoids lumps due to threads bunching and knots. This adhesive is washable and can go thru the dryer on low temp settings.

12. Do your onesies and t-shirts run true to size? Yes they run true to size.

6 mo - fits 6-12 mo size up to approx 18 lbs
12 mo- fits 12-18 mo size up to approx 24 lbs
18 mo - fits 18-24 mo size up to approx 30 lbs
24 mo - fits 24 mo -2t size up to approx 35 lbs

6 mo - fits 6-12 mo size up to approx 18 lbs
12 mo- fits 12-18 mo size up to approx 24 lbs
18 mo - fits 18-24 mo size up to approx 30 lbs
24 mo - fits 2t-3t size up to approx 34 lbs

Always give me an approx weight for your sweetie so I can advise on the proper size to order. These shirts and onesies run big please do not order a size larger because the store brands are sized differently and the store brands shrink. My onesies are pre shrunk and will not shrink more when washed or dried.

13 .Why does it take so long to receive my order? My outfits are all custom hand made items that are made to order according to the date the order is placed. Just like making a doctor's appointment or an appointment with your hairdresser, my schedule is booked weeks in advance and the outfits are made in the order they are received.

14. My invoice says my order was to be shipped on (insert date) and it wasn't! The date on your invoice is an approximate shipping date and may change according to my schedule and the date you need the order so it may not ship exactly on the invoice shipping date. Most orders are shipped by Priority Mail at least 5- 7 days before the "date needed" Feel free to inquire about order status as often as you would like. You can upgrade shipping to Express Mail just ask. 

15. These are tutus and they are SHORT. Please make certain your child has coverage under the tutu for modesty. Smaller sizes up to 24mo/2t can be made on a onesie if available from the supplier. Larger sizes or those orders that prefer a tee shirt need to have dance pants, bloomers , tights or something to wear under the tutu.


16. Question: What to Dress Your Newborn in to Come Home from the Hospital?
Answer: When it comes to dressing your newborn to go home, it's important to keep them comfortable and warm. Pack a onesie, a hat, socks or booties, and a warm blanket. Make sure the outfit is easy to put on and take off, as well as appropriate for the weather. Some new mommies choose to have a special coming home outfit for their newborn to wear home from the hospital.


What is the return Policy?

All outfits are custom made to order, there are no returns/refunds or exchanges on any personalized items except in the case of a manufactures defect. Any refund or exchange must be approved before the item is returned. If there is an error ( yes, I do on rare occasion make a mistake) please let me know immediately so I can fix it. Email me at cs@littlekeikiboutiki.com or text me at 1-863-274-6031 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Include pictures of the defect/error and a desription of the error/defect. 


How Long Does it Take to Process a Refund?

If a refund is approved because of a defect, the refund will only be issued once the order is returned in unused, unworn condition. The cost for return shipping will be included in your approved refund amount. Partial refunds may be issued under other terms.  Any refunds that may be approved are made only once the item is returned back to us in unworn unused condition. Please make certain of your sizes to insure a proper fit.

What is the policy for late/non-delivery of items ordered online?


Our local teams work diligently to make sure that your order arrives on time,
within our normaldelivery hours of 9AM to 8PM in the recipient's time zone.
During busy holiday periods like Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's Day, we may
extend our delivery hours before 9AM and after 8PM to ensure that all item are
delivered on time. If for any reason your order does not arrive on time, our dedicated
Customer Service agents will do everything they can to help successfully resolve your
issue. Make Certain to place your order at least 3 to 4 weeks before your need by date to
give ample time for production and delivery of your order.

 Please make certain your shipping address is correct BEFORE you place your order as once the order is placed the shipping information is you put in the system when you ordered and that is the address it will be shipped to.

Non-Delivered items are handle through the post office, All packages are shipped with insurance so that if an item is lost by the post office I will need your help in getting the insurance claim filed, if the package arrives and it is damaged please contact me immediately and take pictures of the box including the label and the damaged contents. The post office will issue the refund in a timely manner. If the package is marked by the post office as delivered but you did not receive it, a claim for a stolen package will need to be filed and this involves making a police report. Again contact me immediately so I can assist you in filing the claim. 

Will I be charged Local and or State taxes?

You will be charged Local and/or State taxes if you mailing address in Florida.