104pcs Snowflake Balloons Garland Arch Kit Ice Snow Queen Metal Balloon For Frozen Birthday Decor

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Let it snow! Perfect balloon decor for your Winter Wonderland party or Frozen theme party

Mix and match to meet your needs. Both latex and mylar styles. You can make balloon arches or decorate staircases.

Check out these co-ordinating Birthday Outfits,

Elsa Snowflake Letter  

Elsa 1st Birthday outfit

Elsa 3rd Birthday Outfit

lanning a 1st birthday party can be daunting! Venue, flowers, balloons, decorations, party favors , table settings and of course the Ultimate 1st Birthday Outfit . I have added some awesome party decorations to the shop. These beautiful items are available for purchase in the Party Decor section. Again please order early as the shipping time is 4 or more weeks. Plan Ahead!!! 

A few thoughts to get you started

  • Give yourself time- you really need a minimum of 6 weeks if you are planning anything more than a "simple get together" type of party 2-4 months is better. 
  • Ask for help from friends and relatives
  • Remember 1st Birthday Parties are for adults, your baby has no idea what all the fuss is about so plan for grown up food and seating so that your family and friends can enjoy each others company and  get some limited interaction with the guest of honor
  • Make sure you have a play area if other children will be present
  • Most important make sure there is a quiet area for your baby to get away faywrom it all with a safe place for a nap. These types of get togethers can easily over-stimulate your child.
  • Take pictures lots of pictures, designate a photographer so you don't miss out on the fun. Your baby will appreciate having your undivided attention. 
  • Once you have decided on the theme and the you have selected  the birthday outfit, it is time to look for party supplies and decor.

There are so many places to find party supplies and decor, it really depends on your budget. The local dollar store, Walmart, Party City, then there are places like The Party Darling, Shindigzs, and Posh Party Supplies. Maybe you have a friend that can make some or you, yourself can make them. The easiest way is to hop over to the Party Decor section of this site where you can find party decorations and supplies to match these awesome outfits. We also can  help with things like birthday banners custom cups and straws, place cards goody bags, cupcake wrappers and other things. While I don't make and sell these items I do have resources . 

I have created many birthday outfits that match the awesome party themes displayed at KarasPartyIdeas.com  I am working  on other outlets to help you find everything you need to make your celebration special. Check this page often for updated information. 

Remember we have or can create the perfect 1st Birthday Outfit whatever theme you decide on.