A Celebration with Poppy Troll

Poppy Troll 

Everyone loves a party. And if you know how to throw one, that's even better. But do you know who really knows how to throw a party? Poppy Troll! Every single day is a celebration with Poppy Troll and her friends. The best part about this is that Poppy Troll has plenty of friends – and they all love to have fun just ike her. Together, they're always ready for the next adventure! For example, on the Facebook page, you can see the celebrations atDreamWorks Adventures around the world – like New Year's Eve in London or all-day s'mores by the campfire at Yellowstone National Park! This is why we love Poppy Troll so much: She makes every day an adventure (and every adventure a party).

Poppy Troll loves to party.

Poppy Troll loves to party, and she's a great friend to have around on your birthday! She's magical and fun, so if you want a friend who can make your day special, Poppy is the right choice.

A celebration with Poppy Troll is even more special because she's an amazing dancer. She moves with such grace that people will think she was born in ballet or something. You'll be amazed at how fast she can move her arms and legs when she dances! (https://www.wethrift.com/little-keiki-boutiki)

When it comes time for cake, Poppy will want to help you blow out your candles; after all, they're going down just as fast as her dance moves! You won't believe how quickly those tiny flames go out when they're put up against hers.

Invite Poppy to your birthday party.

You should invite Poppy Troll to your birthday party. She is an awesome friend who loves to party and celebrate birthdays, and she is magical. She will bring the fun! You can wear an awesome Poppy Troll Birthday Outfit to add to the festivities!

She’s a great friend, too:

Poppy Troll is fun. She is a great friend because she brings the fun!

Get a Poppy Troll cake.

Don't know what to get her? A Poppy Troll cake is the perfect gift. She loves to party, so you can be sure that this special day will be one of the highlights of her life. And who doesn't love a Poppy Troll cake? You can even get it professionally decorated with glitter and icing, or make your own decorations out of clay and pipe cleaners! The more, the merrier!

The more, the merrier!

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to celebratePoppy Troll’s birthday with us! It is a day of fun and celebration, and the more people you invite, the merrier it will be.

The more people you invite, the more delicious your cake will be.

The more people you invite, the more presents you will get.

The more people you invite, the better your memories will be!

Poppy Troll loves to party and has the most magical birthday celebrations!

Poppy Troll loves to party and has the most magical birthday celebrations! She wants to be invited to your next birthday party, so make sure you get her a card and invite her in advance.

Poppy has some cute cakes available on Etsy, or you can order one from your local baker. The more poppies there are, the merrier!


Poppy Troll is the perfect guest for your special day. They’re fun, they love to celebrate, and they’ll make sure you have a birthday celebration that you’ll never forget! There are so many ways to incorporate them into your party, but one thing is for sure—you can’t go wrong with Poppy Troll!