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Your Guide To Plan A Memorable 1st Birthday Party

Congratulations are in order! Your baby's first birthday is around the corner, and you want it to go down in the books, we got you! We've prepared a list of tips to aid you in making this milestone as memorable as possible!

  • 1.Cut down on the number of guests who are invited

Making your baby happy and watching him enjoy himself is the top priority when it comes to birthdays, having an extensive guest list can only do harm, as babies are not very aware of their surroundings, having a huge crowd can only be startled them or can lead to unnecessary hissy fits, so make sure to only invite your close relatives and family members, And have an intimate party that would keep your baby calm and happy.

  • 2.Pick a birthday baby theme

In order to ease your planning process, choosing a party theme can grant you An overall perspective on how to do things, And it's quite simple it can be wrapped around an animal that your baby loves, a cartoon character that they’ve shown interest in, Or simply a cute or a fun Concept that you think kids would enjoy experiencing.

  • 3.Choose a suitable fun outfit for the birthday Girl/Boy

Whether it’s a tutu with a colorful top, Disney themed outfit or a custom made ensemble for your baby boy, you have to make sure that your baby looks stylish and extra cute while they celebrate this important milestone in their life, and plus, it’ll make for great pictures to look back on.

  • 4.Make sure to cater to everyone of all ages

Baby proof your house! If that’s not already done, your guests would definitely appreciate some gates to protect their little ones from climbing on the stairs or reaching places that they shouldn’t be in, as for the adults, make sure to provide good food and a little buffet of sweets!

  • 5.Be snappy with the pictures

Before it gets all messy and crowded, make sure to take pictures of your little one in his cute outfit, with a 1st birthday balloon or a sign that shows his or her age, while he is all clean and fresh looking, because when the guests arrive, you’ll be too busy hosting and welcoming everyone!

  • 6.Colorful and amusing decorations

Babies love colors, and fun things that captivate their attention, so make sure to play with colors, although minimalism is king in adult parties, your baby 1st birthday party should only be filled with all the colors of the rainbow, from unicorns, animal shaped balloons, to colorful cups, color is always a good idea.

  • 7.Hire someone to professionally video tape the party

Home videos are the only thing that gets us back to our childhood memories, and it never fails to make us smile, hiring a professional to video shoot the party is definitely a great decision to make if you want your baby to look back on how fun you made his or her party seem, and what hey dressed and most of all, how you all looked like, time flies but it can be caught on video as a nice souvenir.

  • 8.Consider getting a babysitter

While this is definitely a privilege and not a necessity, hiring a babysitter can make organizing the birthday way more manageable, the kids will have an extra eye to look after them, and the parents can just enjoy themselves and let loose.

  • 9.Enjoy yourself!

Planning birthdays can definitely be hard on you, all that stress to make everything perfect can make one forget the real reason for the celebration; your little baby is finally ONE! Make sure to enjoy this one in a lifetime opportunity because they sure do grow up fast, try to let it seep in, don't stress yourself, and enjoy!

And with that, our tips to a remarkable and memorable 1st birthday party for your baby girl or boy have concluded, we hope that you implement them and they'd be of great help to you.

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